Ombrellificio Poggesi has achieved a poll position among the world’s umbrella producers as its unique side-arm umbrella has become a real must for outdoor shading.

The business started in the mid-1960s when traditional craftsmen with an entrepreneurial spirit started to produce umbrellas as rain shelters. In those boom years, when Italy was no longer agriculture-based but not yet industrial and the local market was the real centre of commerce, production rapidly changed from rain umbrellas to market stall shading. The next step was to flank professional market production with garden umbrellas: the classic umbrella with a wooden central pole and canopy in ecru cotton.

From that moment on, Ombrellificio Poggesi has developed its product range in terms of design, materials, function and style. Changes in life-style led to the garden being considered as an extension of living space and this in turn required great commitment on the part of Poggesi to constantly update the design, production and patenting of their very attractive, state-of-the-art, side-arm umbrellas. These developments placed Ombrellificio Poggesi among the sector leaders in a very short space of time.

Ombrellificio Poggesi latest generation technology has often led to the creation of brand new projects requiring national and international protection for the invention.

An imposing series of patents protects individual models, their function, their more important elements, rendering most Poggesi products unique and impossible to duplicate. The latest patent came from a novel idea for an umbrella opened and closed with a mere touch and a push, leaving the rest to a complex series of springs. At the advanced design testing stage for umbrella automation, Poggesi patented a remote control model with motorised opening system, but proper research still calls for further in-depth study.

Based in the heart of Tuscany, home of art, style and fashion, Ombrellificio Poggesi has never forgotten the Italian cultural heritage which constantly strives to achieve a winning design and elegant colour combination for every product.

Poggesi seeks to gives its own personal style to every umbrella and this is combined with colour choices, which at first sight may seem out of the ordinary but are then appreciated and acknowledged as haute couture, in the same way as clothes fashion. Every Poggesi creation immediately expresses precise style parameters and often sets an example for new industry trends.

Since time immemorial, man has used sun umbrellas with very little change in their shape or function.

Only in the last few decades has garden furnishing, along with the umbrella, reached a level of importance which was previously reserved to interior decoration only. So now the modern consumer looks for up-to-date design in an umbrella; it is expected to adapt discreetly and elegantly to render the area more attractive and comfortable. Innovation and creation of quality items, while never forgetting tradition, are just two of Ombrellificio Poggesi’s guiding principles when producing new designs. In every umbrella created with the most innovative ideas we can also find something that seemed lost: the labour and passion of man. Take a look at the finer details of these models produced with top quality components, every detail studied with special attention to the finishing touches, then compare them with other garden furnishings. Poggesi always seeks to update its products using traditional processing techniques with an eye on new technologies, and in this field it continues to develop different structures, new opening-closing systems and even larger sizes, thus combining the results of its own research with the needs of its customers.

The TÜV quality trademark certifies Ombrellificio Poggesi’s forty-year experience.

In April 2010 Ombrellificio Poggesi certified the quality of its internal production process by obtaining the TÜV trademark after a series of complex tests which covered all areas of the industrial process from the design to the production phase. Poggesi had no doubt about its production and organisational capabilities , nevertheless, it decided to undergo the tests of one of the most important European quality organisations in order to provide its clients with further proof of its great attention to product quality at every level of the production process. This is yet another way in which Poggesi seeks to satisfy its final customers.